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Perfect for users who need access to basic well level data. If you're only interested in a few wells and currently use state sites, this plan is for you.


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All of the essential data and tools you need to succeed

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Perfect for users who need more data & tools

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WellDatabase Pro

For the pros that require the absolute best data and tools

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If you need data in the US & Canada, we've got you covered.

The industry didn't start with unconventionals and neither does our data. We cover the full historical dataset across every producing state and province. Don't settle for inferior data, check out our coverage for any state or province you're interested in.

Coverage MapT



1 min read

5 Steps to Switch Your Data Provider to WellDatabase

Transitioning from a different data provider to WellDatabase can be a seamless and stress-free experience. Our dedicated team is ready to collaborate with you and assist in ensuring a smooth migration to our software.

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As a consultant or small business owner, you're either knee-deep in an existing project or on the hunt for your next big opportunity. While hustling...

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4 min read

Mastering Dynamic Maps

Facing a challenge in creating captivating visual maps for your presentation? We are here to help you look like the rockstar you are in front of your...

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How to Capture More Time with WellDatabase

3 min read

5 Ways For a Small Business Owner to Capture More Time

Do you ever feel like everyone else gets to enjoy their summer vacations while you're stuck trying to keep up with work? It can be frustrating,...

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Advanced mapping and analytics for oil and gas industry

1 min read

Transitioning to Version 23.1

We are always looking for ways to increase our users experience and add more functionality, without increasing pricing. WellDatabase 23.1 is packed...

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Energy industry mapping tools

5 min read

Map Layers

Customize your map with overlays, data layers, a dynamic rig layer, and more for better map visualization digitally or in print. Overlays WDB...

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