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WellDB Release – New Mapping Interface

WellDB Release – New Mapping Interface

The Q1 2021 Release is packed with new features most of which have come from direct feedback from our customer. In this blog we will take a quick look at all of the new bits, and then we will dig in deeper on follow up posts. If you have a question about a particular feature, please feel free to contact us at, we are always here to help!

New Mapping Interface

The biggest change in the Q1 2021 release is the move away from Google maps to a new mapping engine. The new interface supports all of the same features of our previous interface, and adds additional features like:

Better Base Maps

When we set out to move maps, we dug in deep looking for the best base map tiles we could find for our users. In the end, we decided on ESRI base maps. Their maps are the most complete road maps hands down, in many cases they even show lease roads not available in other providers!

Google Roadmap


This shows the Google maps road map, the road through the middle doesn’t actually exist in the Satellite imagery.

ESRI Roadmap

Lease Roads

This image shows our new ESRI based roadmap, they show all the lease roads unlike the Google version.

Actual Satellite

Satellite Map

As you can see from this Satellite image, the ESRI road map lines up much better with the roads that actually exist.

Updated Measure Tool

The new measure tool allows users to measure area, and distance on the WellDatabase map. Additionally you can choose between Metric and Imperial units. For a full run down take a look at Using the Measure Tool.

Measure distance

New Print Features

The new print tool allows you to export the map view to PDF or Image. The much requested ‘Print to Scale’ option is now available here as well! When the print tool opens, a selection box will display on the map to preview which area will be in the print based on the scale, and paper size settings. For a deep dive, check out Printing the Map.

Printing with scale

Label on Laterals

We have always provided the ability to display labels around the BHL on our map, but many users expressed the desire to place the labels directly on the lateral (when there is one). This update allows end users to place labels on the lateral when available, when there is not a lateral, it will be rendered at the BHL location like it is be default today.

Labels on laterals

Layer Interactions

Overlays created by loading a KML, GeoJson, or Shapefile (including dbf) can now be clicked on directly. When you click on these items, the WellDatabase map will open a dialog showing all the attributes associated to that shape in the source file.

Example Shapefile:

Shapefile Properties

Create AOI from Shapefile

This is possibly one of the most requested features on our roadmap. The much anticipated feature has finally shipped in this release, and allows you to take any shape from your shapefile, and convert it to an AOI. Briefly, the quickest way to do this is:

Add a new Shapefile, KML, or GeoJson overlay.

Adding an overlay

Left click on any of the loaded shapes, and select Create AOI in the lower left corner.

Feature info for overlay

This will apply the selected shape as an AOI filter

Using an overlay as an AOI

Labeled Markers

Adding labeled markers makes it easy for you to customize the map with your own POIs. We will be adding additional features here soon, so please share any feedback you have with the team!

Setting custom markers

List View Updates

New Data Types Available

We strive to provide the most robust oil & gas dataset on the market, as such, we add new data types from time to time, and this release is no exception.

This release we have added:

  • Rigs – See a list of all rigs based on your current filters
  • Spacing – See spacing information based on your current filters
  • Interpreted Formations – See all interpreted formation information based on your applied filters.

These items are available in the list data type selector:

New data types in list

API Updates

Deep filter across types

In previous releases, api users could only filter a child type by its own properties. In this release users can now apply header filters to any child type. This makes it easy for users to grab all the data for a specific set of wells based on any criteria in the header.

This update makes these examples possible: Ex: All casing data for wells in Texas only

Ex: All production forecasts data for wells in ND, Permitted in the last 10 years, operated by a specific operator.


Actual Trajectories Exported

For a long time our export system only exported SHL and BHL when a user exported a trajectory shapefile. With this release the actual trajectory is now exported for Shapefiles. Additionally, users can now export the Well Known Text of the trajectory when using CSV or Excel Exports.

Preview Features

We also shipped a few preview features, which will see a full release later in the year. If you are interested in trying any of these, please get in touch with support and we will put you on the preview list.

Dark mode

Love it or hate it, this is an often asked for feature in modern applications. The team still has some tweaks to make before we ship it to all users, but it is coming along nicely!

Dark mode

Report Scheduler

The report scheduler lets you configure report subscription which will be generated, and delivered directly to your inbox on a configured schedule.

Report scheduler

This list covers the highlights of what we released in Q1 2021, stay tuned for follow up posts about how you can leverage these new features in your workflows! If you haven’t already, sign up for a WellDatabase account today, and try out the new bits. If you need a new trial, contact support and we will get you set up.

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